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Page 607 with Tracy Bersley, Daniel Kublick ’08 and Dorothy Abrahams

October 7 at 7:00 p.m.
Dance Studio 3 at Lewis Arts complex

Inspired by quantum physics, insect mating rituals, texting emoticons, George Eliot’s provincial Victorian novel Middlemarch, and a growing sense of disconnect, Page 607 explores the question: what happens when we lose the ability to communicate?

With advances in technology making face-to-face connection less and less imperative, are we becoming more and more fragmented/isolated? This is a call to action, a chance to experience the panoply of the human condition! Come and be a part of the conversation in this unique, interactive experience– for without the audience’s help, the story is forever stuck on page 607.




DDT is a creative posse! raising the question: how can living, breathing art be made both IN and FOR the 21st century? Featuring Dorothy Abrahams and Daniel Piper Kublick ’08. Directed by guest lecturer in theatre, Tracy Bersley.

DDT has been commissioned by several companies and conservatories (Culture Project, Overturn Theater Ensemble, Whitworth, and Larry Singer Studios, Princeton University, the Shop at CAP 21)  to create unique, audience driven experiences, and have received generous support through NACL’s Deep Space Residency, CAP 21’s Space Grant, and most recently UNC’s Performing Arts Special Activities Fund. Members Dorothy Abrahams, Daniel Kublick (performers) and Tracy Bersley (Director) germinate ideas collectivity, then write and orchestrate intricate alternate worlds (realities) for audience consumption.

Saturday, October 7 7:00 pm — 8:00 pm

Dance Studio 3 (Tower Dance Studio)

Daniel Kublick ’08  Dorothy Abrahams, Tracy Bersley